How to fix iOS 4.2′s disappearing iPod app music glitch

The customary series of unexpected fault reports are coming through the wires this am, with iOS 4.2 reportedly munching music on some iPhones and causing hassles with HDMI on the Apple TV. Here’s what we got so far, and we hope, nay, urge readers with further information to use comments below to help each other out on this.
First off the block, the music munching monster. Of you have music on your iPhone some users are opening up their iPod app on the device to find the music’s gone, it is missing, it is exed….except it isn’t, it is just that the iPod app can’t see it. This, it seems, is the fix:
  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes on the computer.
  2. The phone appears under devices in the left-hand column; click the arrow to the left of it so your media categories appear and select music.
  3. Play a song on the iPhone via iTunes on your computer.
  4. Sync the iPhone again
  5. Re-open the iPod app on the iPhone
  6. Wait a while while the iPod updates its library and then relax to your favorite Motorhead tune
Apple TV HDMI hassles
Seems the software patch has failed to fix a bad effect afflicting some HDMI TVs with inconsistent colors and screen flickering. This seemingly impacts the new model Apple TV.