How to Use SBSettings and its Toggles

SBSettings is a gesture-based application available on Cydia. It allows the user to make various gestures in order to perform certain functions. Once you have downloaded SBSettings, you can personalise your settings by going to
Settings — > Activator
At the main Activator screen, you will see the following:
The Anywhere tab will allow you to set gesture-based functions anywhere on your iPhone, including the home and lock screens, as well as within applications.
The At Home Screen, In Application and At Lock Screen tabs are more specific, i.e., your settings will be confined within the home screen, in application or the lock screen respectively. 
To illustrate, when I select At Home Screen tab, there will be a bunch of gestures that SBSettings have made available. In this example, I have chosen to turn Wi-Fi on and off when selecting the Swipe Down option (under the Status Bar heading).

 To test, go back to the Home Screen by pressing your home button. Now swipe down at the Status Bar (which is at the top where the clock and battery bar sit), and voila it now triggers the Wi-Fi.

You can continue to customise SBSettings gestures according to your liking.
Aside from providing gesture customisation, SBSettings also has a drop down menu (by default, accessible by swiping right at the status bar) where you can also set shortcuts to. To set shortcuts, bring up the SBSettings drop down menu, then click More.

Select Set Toggles to set your shortcuts (for the drop down menu) by turning the toggles on or off.

The Move Rows button (in the Set Toggles menu) is for setting the arrangement of icons in the SBSettings drop down menu. You can determine the placement of your toggles by holding the ‘3-line icon’ on the right, and moving it up or down.

 Last week, I mentioned that SSH can also be turned on and off using SBSettings toggles. For those that use SSH often, do remember to use the toggles and turn it on only when you need to use SSH.
This is a guest post by BenBen is an avid fan of Apple ever since the 3GS was invented. He enjoys reading tech news, gaming on his PS3 and iPhone 4. Ben marvels at the iPhone for its innovative and creative applications, providing limitless capabilities and functionalities that has changed the way he consumes information and connects to his loved ones.