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Huadian Will Blatantly Rip Off iPad 2

Given the popularity of the iPad, our accusations of Android competitors copying Apple’s trend setting designs are tossed out the window when Huadian shamelessly plans to copy everything. While the copycat doesn’t exactly look as pretty (where’s the Apple logo?), the knock-off wants to deliver a more powerful iteration of the aluminum frame while delivering lesser performance with an 800 MHz AMLogic CPU and only 8 GB of onboard flash storage. Already disappointing in features, the display and touch panel tech tossed inside Huadian’s solution can’t possibly be up to spiff to even what the best iPad competitors are currently offering, and GizChina reports that the device may be loaded with Android once it ships. It’ll have WiFi and GPS as well, but considering what the tablet is already packing, you’re better ponying up for the real deal instead of opting for this cheap knockoff.