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iDisplay Mini extends your desktop to iPhone and iPod touch

Popular screen-sharing app iDisplay is now available in a new version designed specifically for extending your Mac’s desktop onto your iPhone or iPod touch. Called iDisplay Mini, the US$0.99 app works as a client to the iDisplay Desktop program and can be configured in three ways: to extend your desktop, to mirror your desktop or to display a single application window on your mobile device.

The desktop application is capable of saving configurations based on each device that connects, so the next time you run iDisplay Mini on your iPhone or iPod touch the screen layout will be just as you left it. It also includes the ability to send specific applications to the secondary display with a single click, which is handy for frequently used items such as media player controls.

iDisplay is also available as a universal app for $4.99. That version includes support for iPad, but if you only intend to use your smaller device for extending and/or mirroring, this new option gives you the ability to save $4 while retaining all other functionality.