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iDroplets: Tiny Rubber Feet For Your iPad 2

After using the iPad 2 for a while, I’ve noticed two things: the thinner and flat design makes for an incredibly better grip in my hands; second, it’s harder to pick it up from another flat surface (like a desk) than the original iPad and it tends to “slide” and move a little bit. Designer Morgan Allan Knutson apparently thought the same thing and created the iDroplets, a set of tiny rubber feet that attach to the iPad 2 with ease and also protect the edges of the device while it’s being used in typing mode with a Smart Cover.
The iDroplets cost $5 with free global shipping (as long as normal postage can reach your country) and we think it’s a pretty damn good idea. Sure you can do this by yourself if you buy four little rubber feet, but we like to support indie projects here at MacStories. So head over the (elegantly designed) product webpage, and order your iDroplets now.