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iGrill: Hardware and software for your barbecue

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Ahead of next year’s barbecue season, iDevices has launched a standalone digital meat thermometer called the iGrill that can be paired via Bluetooth to a free app running on an iOS device that significantly extends the capabilities, including the freedom to step away from the grill (up to 200 feet) and still monitor the cooking.

The combo consists of a hardware temperature display with probe (a second probe can be added to monitor two different items being cooked) with Bluetooth connectivity to an iOS app that visualizes the information and adds a timer, alerts when the item being cooked has hit its target temperature, a recipe browser and more.

The iGrill cost $99 (second probe optional) and the company is currently offering free shipping via 2-day express until Dec. 24th. The companion app requires iOS 3.2 or later and a Bluetooth-enabled iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.

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