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Images of life inside the iPhone factory

Living eight to a room on four bunks, long shifts and tiny televisions in depersonalized common rooms, this is life at Foxconn’s iPhone factories, a fresh report informs this morning.
Below pictorial record of life in Foxconn’s factory in Shenzen, China, a place a colossal 420,000 workers call home. There’s pictures of dorm blocks and of the netting draped around these buildings to help prevent suicides at the plants. (The spate of suicides stopped in May, the report explains).
Gizmodo offers us a glimpse at the corridors and dorm rooms in which these Foxconn workers spend their off-duty lives. “Eight workers sleep in four bunk beds in a room about the size of a two-car garage,” the report explains.
Small televisions, under-exploited exercise equipment and sinks on the balconies also feature in the factory dorms.
Take a look.