Mac News

Infographic: Mac Users Are Liberal, Vegetarian, City-Dwellers offers a great visual snapshot of Mac users and their PC counterparts over on the site’s blog Thursday. The personalized recommendation engine collected data from its users to paint a picture of the average Mac and PC person, and at least a good portion of the results are pretty much in keeping with prevailing stereotypes.
The infographic takes users who responded to the question “Are You a Mac Person or a PC Person?” and cross-references those responses with the answers from other questions taken from the question pool the site uses to inform its intelligent recommendations engine. Some key highlights:
  • Mac users are more likely to be young liberals who live in cities
  • Mac users are bigger partiers than PC users
  • Mac users are more likely to see themselves as unique, but also to see others as alike
  • PC users watch a lot of Leno, while Mac users like critical hits like Friday Night Lights
Here’s the full infographic (click for a larger version). Let us know how you feel about the results. Speaking for myself, they hit the nail on the head.