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Instagram launching Facebook-esque web profiles

Remember when Facebook bought Instagram? Well, it is beginning to show. AllThingsD is reporting that Instagram has begun rolling out “web profiles,” which, of course, look a lot like Facebook. Before this, you could only see one photo at a time by clicking a link, whereas now you can see a person’s profile with all of their pictures. Over the next few days, Instagram plans on rolling this interface out to its users.

As AllThingsD was quick to point out, these profiles look very much like Facebook’s own Timeline page. You have a mosaic of pictures above the user’s profile picture, which the information about them to the side of their picture. However, the banner at the top is not one chosen image by the user. Instead it is a changing mosaic of sorts, that changes depending on the user’s most recently taken pictures. AllThingsD is also saying that while Facebook did have some input, this is very much so “Instagram’s baby.”

What do you think? Excited to start using online profiles? Wondering how it will work? Let us know in the comments.