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iOS 7 Expected Features – The Sequel

All rumors confirming that iOS 7 will be different than its predecessors. When iUsers hear these rumors, they are dreaming to see new amazing and long-awaited features. We showed you earlier on Expected Feature Part 1 many new amazing feature that we hope to see on the upcoming iOS 7, and in this article we will continue show you what should Apple add on it new iDevices’ operating system.

Improving Camera / Photo applications:

iPhone camera occupies the first rank on sharing photos over the social networks. Every year Apple is improving its camera, but here’s some points we hope to see on iOS 7:

  • – Controlling the size of photos and videos. On iOS 6, you are forced to record videos with 1080p which record 1 minute on 160MB and photos with 8 megapixel which consume storage.
  • – Adding “Pause” while video recording.
  • – The ability to add timestamps to photos.

Improving Phone / Messages applications:


  • – Ability to make blacklist for unwanted phone numbers.
  • – Ability to send messages without going to Messages app, such as sending messages from notification center.
  • – Add “Call Waiting” notification when you call someone.

General Improvements: 

There are some simple features that make the iPhone is more friendly:

  • – Changing the system font size. As most of you know that you can only change the writing font only, but we hope to be able to change all the system font size (Contacts, App Store, Notifications, Applications and etc)
  • Add Multitasking Gestures, this feature is only exist in iPad natively, but iPhone users adding this feature via Jailbreak and it sounds good, so we hope to see it on iOS 7.

Notifications Push Tone:

This features is already exist on Cydia since many years ago. This feature should allow iUsers to assign tone for each application.

Improving Siri:

Integrating Siri in iPhone apps is one of the highly expected feature that will port to iOS 7. It’s also expected that we will see Siri in new languages. We wanna see more applicable Siri, for example:

  • – Siri reads notifications for some applications (news, Facebook, Twitter or etc.)
  • – Siri reminds you with your friends’ birthday.
  • – Asking Siri about applications in App Store.
  • – Siri tells you the name of the caller.
  • – Siri translating paragraphs (give Siri french article and ask her to read in English)

Improving Mail app:


  • – Assigning email tone for each contact.
  • – Attaching more that 5 images.
  • – Share my location without going to Maps.
  • – Improve writing format (font colors, personal signatures and etc.)

General Features: 


  • – Attaching photos to Notes app.
  • – Creating folders inside folders.
  • – Add calculator, stocks and weather apps to iPad.
  • – Auto update to applications once connecting to internet via Wifi.
  • – Conference calls via FaceTime
  • – Control synching with iTunes and choose what I need to sync, not only start / stop sync.
  • – Make the phone silent in specific times.