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iOS 7 Expected Features

Apple will make this year different, this what news report says. It’s highly expected to see major changes on iOS 7 because of setting the famous designer Jonathan Ive, who was responsible for iDevices designing to be responsible for iOS system designs. Add to this the merging between Mac and iOS teams inside the company. As most of you know, that Apple will announce the long-awaited iOS 7 on the upcoming WWDC 2013, now let us show you what we expect to see on iOS 7.

All features that you will see below are the only which is compatible with Apple policy and guidelines in order to be a logical expectations.

Settings Shortcuts:

It’s the most requested feature since years ago which is also exists on many other smartphones’ operating systems. Apple should do it, to make it easier to turn on / off Wifi, 3G connection, Airplane mode and etc. It doesn’t make since to go throw 4 steps to turn off wifi or 3G. As most of you know that the famous jailbreak app SBSettings has this features since long years ago.

Privacy Mode / Game Mode :

Have you ever during preparation of a report on your iPhone or recording a video or even play a game, a phone call came to stop everything you were doing on your iPhone. Of course this happened every day, so why Apple doesn’t add new mode and call it “Privacy Mode” or “Game Mode” which let calls appear like a notification bar on the top of screen, and you have the decision to take the call or not.

Hide Applications:

Why Apple doesn’t allow us to hide applications? Million of iDevices users around world are not interested in Passbook application, Stocks, Compass or other applications which loaded natively with any iOS version. So we hope that Apple add new option which allow us to hide applications.

Password for Applications:

Apple is famous for its security and privacy and always so proud. Why Apple doesn’t allow us to add password to applications. I don’t like to see someone open my Messages, Photos or my Facebook account, so I hope to see it Settings > Application Privacy > Choose Applications (On / Off) then lock it with password.

Enhance Lock-screen:

iOS lock screen is traditional, lock screen only show clock and Camera button, why Apple doesn’t enhance it by adding Wether , Stocks, the ability of turn on / off Do Not Disturb mode or turn on / off camera flash.

Default Application (Always open with):

We hope to see this feature on iOS 7, but we think it’s not easy to see it. This feature should allow you to use default application for each file types. Some iDevices users prefer Chrome than Safari, and other prefer to use Gmail app that the native Mail application.

Internet Usage:

As most of you know that Apple prevents downloading any application more than 50MB over 3G to protect users from the high consumption of the internet over 3G. But now carriers offers internet back ages more than 10 and 20GB monthly, so why Apple doesn’t give us the ability to control the 50MB limit constraint.

Also we ask the giant company to allow us to set alerts when we exceed specific limit of internet usage. And also this option should break down the internet usage for each application.

Improved Multitasking:

There has been no enhancement or improvement to the multitasking since launching in iOS 4. So why Apple do not give us a look of the applications instead of just the icon. All we need to see is something like “Mission Control” in Mac OS.

Reply to Notifications:

You may receive notifications like SMS while you are opening an application, so why Apple doesn’t add quick reply for this notification rather that going to Message application to reply this SMS.

Downloads from Safari:

Millions of iDevices users are waiting for this function. Why Apple doesn’t allow us to download files from Safari, may be this due to copy rights, but this feature is the most wanted one since launching iPhone.