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iOS 7 Features The Ability To Control iPhone Or iPad With Head Movements

As iOS 7 beta 2 is here, we keep discovering new features in it. A few hours ago we showed you a new feature that allows you to enable dynamic text in apps that support it. Today we’ve got a new feature in iOS 7 beta 2 that allows you to use your head movements to control your iPhone or iPad… Amazing isn’t it ?

Believe it or not, such feature already exist in the Accessibility section of the Settings app in the latest beta of Apple’s new OS is a toggle that activates a new head tracking feature. Once enabled, users can control their iOS devices with simple left to right head nods…

This new feature was first discovered by 9to5mac. The feature is not hidden, all what you have to do is going to Settings—>General—>Accessibility—>Switches—>Switch Source.

The way it works is that a blue box will slowly bounce around to different buttons, toggles and other UI elements on your screen. When it lands on the object, or group of objects you’re interested in, a quick nod of your head will initiate an onscreen tap.

It doesn’t look like Apple has anything planned for the feature outside of accessibility, so don’t expect to see Galaxy S 4-type gesture actions. But nevertheless, it’s cool to see Apple finally start tinkering with all of those sensors it stashes in its iOS devices.

So what do you think about this new feature ?