iPad 2 News

iPad 2 arrives to 500 RadioShack stores tomorrow (update: confirmed)

iPad 2 could arrive to RadioShack tomorrow, March 29, 2011, a tipster told MacRumors. The source indicated that all 500 RadioShack nationwide retail spots will carry the tablet and provided a blurry but otherwise genuine-looking notice stating:
We are thrilled that iPad 2 will be available at 500 RadioShack locations across the country starting March 29! Details have been sent to these stores.
If true, this will help a bit alleviate strong demand seen in Apple stores across the country and expand the iPad’s distribution footprint that now includes Apple’s, AT&T’s and Verizon’s online and retail stores, in addition to third-party retailers like WalMart and Best Buy. Just don’t count on that 3-4 week wait for online orders to drop as a result.
Rumors flew around this morning claiming that RadioShack will begin selling the iPad 2 as soon as tomorrow. Since then, we’ve been able to confirm this to be true. RadioShack has already thrown up a hidden webpage for the iPad 2 in addition to a store locator for participating locations.