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iPad 2 buyers already lining up in Munich

It’s good to see that we wacky Americans aren’t the only people who start camping out in lines to buy Apple toys.
iFun.de posted the above photo of the short, but early line at the Rosenstrasse Apple Store in Munich, Germany. That photo was taken 26 hours before the iPad 2 actually goes on sale at 17:00 local time in Munich. As with the US stores two weeks ago, Apple Stores around the world will close their doors two hours before 5 PM local time to put up the new iPad displays and give employees a chance to play with the new device prior to the crazy rush.
If you’re sitting or standing in line for an iPad 2 at an Apple Store sometime in the next 24 hours or so, be sure to send us a photo and we’ll do a roundup of the worldwide excitement surrounding the release of the iPad 2 in 25 countries.