iPad 2 News

iPad 2 selling at insane prices in Hong Kong today!

These people are damn resourceful – in just two days after the iPad 2 launches in the US, and they have gotten truckloads of the coveted device into Hong Kong.
At Hong Kong’s Sin Tat Plaza, the modus operandi is clear:
The mastermind, Mr. Lo. The task, completed. The haul, hundreds of iPad 2s.
Mr. Lo, ‘master’ of the gray market in Hong Kong, has already received 200 orders before the launch, and he has prepared eight couriers in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles to hop on planes to Hong Kong after securing about 200 iPad 2s and he will get the device to eager consumers by this past Sunday (March 13th) – and that’s a feat.
One of the photo that you see depicts a store employee opening up a luggage, which contains up to 40 boxes of iPad 2s. Imported from the US of A baby!
And now, ladies & gentlemen, if you’re still with us, let’s take a look at the asking price. Brace yourself for insanity:
iPad 2 WiFi (Black)
16GB: HKD$7,980 (USD$1025)
32GB: HKD$8,980 (USD$1153)
64GB: HKD$9,980 (USD$1280)
iPad 2 WiFi + 3G (Black)
16GB: HKD$9,680 (USD$1243)
32GB: HKD$10,680 (USD$1371)
64GB: HKD$11,880 (USD$1525)
Prefer the white version? No problem. Just top up HKD$1500-2000 (USD$192-256) for every models.
Last but not least, still thinking that Apple is charging too high a price for the Smart Cover at $39 a piece? Check this out:
iPad Smart Cover (Polyurethane) – HKD$780 (USD$100)
iPad Smart Cover (Leather) – HKD$1,280 (USD$164)