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iPad 2: Which One is Right For You?

The iPad  2 comes in an astounding 18 different configurations. But choosing the right model isn’t quite as hard as it sounds. Black vs. white? That comes down to aesthetics. Picking a 3G provider depends mostly on which one has the best service near you — or if you need 3G connectivity at all. So the real question is, how do you choose the right capacity?

If you’re a gamer or a frequent flyer, the 64GB models are an easy choice. Big-time games can clock in at over a gig, so save yourself from always having to choose which ones to carry — buy the big one. The same advice holds for people who travel a lot. You’ll want tons of space to store movies and music to keep yourself (or your kids) occupied.

On the other end of the spectrum are people buying the iPad as a “couch computer.” If most of what you’re doing is surfing the web, checking email, reading iBooks, and streaming video, then save your money and go with one of the 16-gig versions.

If you’re doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that? Well, there’s a 32-gig iPad with your name on it.