iPad and its Analogues – is it a future of Computers?

This is a guest post by Andy G from BravoFiles

Unbelievably, the days where you have to actually touch your iPad screen are over or can be when you invest in the newly released analog stick, which attaches to a screen through a suction cup. It may sound quite absurd, but there you go, no more touching the touchscreen. You just have to plonk it wherever it is needed on your screen and it transfers thumb movements to your screen. Now you iPad will once again be kept free of sweat and grease from fingerprints. The analogs designed for the iPad makes one wonder about the future of laptops, notebooks, and computers in general.

Do they have the power to take over completely?

Apple will soon bring out a new iPad, which will be a beefed-up version of the previous one, and you can only conclude that the iPad will head for domination in the completely mobile computing industry. When the iPad was, first released many did wonder if it will be replacing the laptops, but dismissed the fact after using it. It all depended on the profession of the users, many students found it better than laptops as they could take notes, write, and read from it very easily, and it is not as big as a laptop. The amount of everyday functions, which many did from their home PC, is being replaced by the iPad.

People often do not realize that technology proved many times over that not only is change possible, but also inevitable. Computers when they were first launched were incredibly expensive, hard to maintain and bulky, over time they became smaller, less expensive and more powerfull. When the first personal computers were released, many reckoned the computers were underpowered and inadequite, well they were very wrong when Apple released the Macintosh in 1984 and Microsoft later with their model.
Although computers are relatively easy to use, it is a fact that many still find it difficult and struggle with their systems. Although Apple and Microsoft eased the problem of storing files into folders with their software, iTunes, and Windows Media Center to ease the lives of millions, many people still struggle. The iPad embrace those solutions and many others for individuals, especially those ones who have always struggled with desktop PC’s. Everything imaginable can be done with their amazing applications, whether it is for work or pleasure.

Even for gamers and technical people
More tech-oriented people find themselves doing more on their iPad than on their desktop or laptop and it is not only because of the easy transporting as oppose to a laptop. Although they are limited to small screens the applications available with an iPad makes it become the center of digital lives for many individuals. Ipad and its analogues reach new volumes daily as new releases are being presented daily, with many more in the future. The prices of some of them will be another reason why many will opt for an iPad as oppose to a PC or laptop.

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