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iPhone 4 on The Top Of Mobiles

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Krusell, trinkets manufacturers of electronic devices and mobile phones from Sweden, re-released list of 10 best-selling mobile phones during the month of November. Who phones the most glowing during November 2010?

Apparently Apple iPhone 4 still selected as the best-selling mobile phone last month. In fact, the three positions below it are the same as the position last month. Nokia 3720 Classic perched in second place, followed by the Samsung i9000 and Nokia C5 Galaxy S respectively in third and fourth.

Here are 10 November 2010 the best cell phone:

1. (1) Apple iPhone 4
2. (2) Nokia 3720 Classic
3. (3) Samsung i9000 Galaxy S
4. (4) Nokia C5
5. (NEW) Nokia N8
6. (7) HTC HD2
7. (8) Nokia E52
8. (9) Nokia 6700 Classic
9. (6) Nokia 6303 Classic
10. (NEW) HTC HD Desire

“IPhone 4 re-occupy the first warning on the list of 10 best-selling mobile phone version of the Krusell. And, this is no surprise anymore,” said Ulf Sandberg, CEO of Krusell, cited VIVAnews of official information on his website. “If in the last month, Nokia dominates the six ranks, in Finland this month’s vendor master seven of the 10 top ranki