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iPhone 4 purchase limit lifted in China, chaos ensue

An Apple Store in Beijing lifted the ’2 sets per customer’ limit on the iPhone 4 resulting in widespread pandemonium, eventually resulting in security officials having to temporarily close the store.
This is crazy. The store opened at 7am today. After 3 hours, people are stopped for queuing up and a piece of notice was being put up on the front doors, saying “Temporarily closed”. No one could enter and there’s only a few customers walking out with 20-30 boxes of iPhone 4. These “customers” then lurked outside the store ready to pounce on any passers-by who is checking out for iPhone 4. “Want to buy an iPhone 4?” they say. “We have a lot. Come with us.”
According to sources, the real customers and the iPhone 4 scalpers had a fight in the Apple store. A gang of scalpers were cutting the queue and some customers were fed up with the scalpers for buying large quantities of iPhone 4 and resell them outside the store.
In China, contract-free iPhone 4 is priced at 4,999 yuan ($747), the scalpers are selling it for 5,500 yuan ($822).