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iPhone 4 White Comparison

Derek Kessler, writing for sister site PreCentral.net:
>May 15th should prove to be an interesting day on AT&T. They’ve got two new smartphone launches planned, and they couldn’t be more different. First up is a phone near and dear to our hearts: the iddy biddy HP Veer 4G. Threatening to overshadown the Veer, in the most literal sense, is yet another Android mega-phone: the Samsung Infuse 4G. This massive phone is faced with a ridiculous 4.5-inch screen. It’s downright frightening in comparison to the Veer.
Phil Nickinson, writing for AndroidCentral.com:
>It’s rocking Android 2.2 Froyo, so let’s hope we see a Gingerbread update in the near future.
Some random guy, writing for TiPb.com:
>AT&T has just finished their Q1, 2011 quarter, which saw 3.6 million iPhone activations, 1 million more than the same time last year.
  HP Veer 4G iPhone 4 Samsung Infuse 4G
Screen size 2.63 inches 3.5 inches 4.5 inches
Resolution 320×400 (195 ppi) 640×960 480×800 (207 ppi)
Processor 800MHz ~1GHz Apple A4 1.2GHz
RAM 512MB 512MB 1GB
Storage 8GB 16/32GB 16GB
Camera 5MP rear 5mp rear, VGA front 8MP rear, 1.3 MP front
Keyboard Physical portrait slider Virtual on-screen Virtual on-screen
Thickness 15.1 mm 9.3mm 8.99 mm
Weight 103 g 137 g 131 g
OS webOS 2.1.2 iOS 4.3.3 Android 2.2
Price $99.99 with 2-year contract $199/$299 with 2-year contract $199.99 with 2-year contract

iPhone 4 launched roughly 10 months ago (except for the white version, which launched last week). How crazy is it we’re still in this race?