iPhone 6 News

iPhone 6 To Use Slimmer, Brighter Poly-Silicon Displays in 2012

Apple’s got an obsession with thinness perhaps best described as techno-anorexic. They’ll shave millimeters off a device until it seems ready to melt upon the tongue, a communion wafer of a gadget.
I wouldn’t be surprised, then, if the following rumor pans out: Apple is reportedly working with Sharp to create new poly=silicon LCD displays that will allow the sixth-generation iPhone to get even thinner.
A slim waistline won’t be the only benefits. It will also shrink the weight of the iPhone, while sipping less juice from the battery. Poly-silicon displays are also said to give brighter, crisper and more vivid onscreen images, as well as enhanced durability.
ThisIsMyNext recently posted a mock-up of what they are hearing the iPhone 5 will look like. I don’t see this design being likely this generation: Apple tends to make radical redesigns every other generation, and the iPhone 4 was the last one. That said, the tapered design being shown in that mockup would seem to require thinner internal components… could that design, in fact, be what Apple has in mind for a Poly-Silicon Display iPhone 6?