iPhone app used to control Touch Bionics prosthetic hand

250x167xtouchbiohand.jpg.pagespeed.ic.1TAmJ1O61H iPhone app used to control Touch Bionics prosthetic handIn 2008, Jason Koger had both of his hands amputated after accidentally coming into contact with a downed power line on his grandfather’s farm. Since the accident, Koger has been using a variety of prosthetic arms to cope with everyday life.

However, the prosthetics Koger has been using have been limited. In an interview with CNN, Koger said, “It’s like I’m carrying a toolbox, but only have one tool. You can’t use a wrench for everything.”

Now Koger has had the opportunity to be the world’s first double-amputee to use some remarkable technology: the i-limb ultra revolution. Designed by Touch Bionics in the UK, the i-limb offers the most advanced and versatile prosthesis available, with a powered rotating thumb. It also includes biosim, an iPhone app that gives Koger instant access to 24 Quick Grip patterns.

The biosim app lets Koger choose from a selection of automated grips and gestures which aid in daily tasks, like index point for typing on a keyboard or a touch screen, precision pinch mode for gripping small objects, and a natural hand position. The app also lets Koger personally customize his own grips and gestures.

Using the Touch Bionics prosthetics and app, Koger said, “Nothing is perfect, but I feel like I can be a more active participant in everyday life with these hands. I can do pretty much everything I could before; it just might take me a little longer.”

Read the full interview and watch a video off the prosthetics and app in action at CNN Health.



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