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iPhone bell accessories will definitely wake you up

During my sophomore year in college back in 1976, I had a roommate named Chuck who had problems waking up when his alarm went off. We tried a variety of alarm clocks and clock radios, all of which failed. Then we did an experiment with a timer plug and his stereo, setting the volume to 11 and placing the speakers next to his head. Not much worked to wake up Chuck, including punching him and dumping water on him, and it was the downfall of his college career. Perhaps if I could travel back in time to 1976 with an iPhone and the new iBell (at right above, US$38) or iBell Mini accessories (at left above, $27), Chuck could graduate from the University of Colorado and change the course of history…

I have to admit that these are some of the most absurd iPhone accessories I’ve seen yet. The iBell is a cradle that your 30-pin Dock connector iPhone sits on, while the iBell mini is just an attachment that plugs into the Dock connector. Like the ancient alarm clocks of yore, it features a pair of bells that clang incessantly when it is time to wake up … or until your iPhone battery dies. While the iBell can also charge your iPhone, the iBell mini won’t.

There’s an accompanying app, and the instructions are in Japanese — but “self-explanatory” according to the website. By the way, you can get the iBell mini in blue, pink or orange in addition to the standard black and white.