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iPhone Developer Tips : Making money from iPhone apps

iphone developers Making money from iphone apps

Recently Apple announced the completion of 10 billion successful app downloads from the app store. The quality and quantity of iPod, iPhone and iPad apps are increasing day by day.So are the numbers of iPhone developers . Even school going kids have turned into iPhone developers of popular games and earning huge sum of revenues .
But are all the app developers earning decent income from App store? Are all the apps hitting the top list?  If may not be possible for all apps to be a big hit ,but here are some small basic strategies that iPhone app developers can follow to make some decent money out of their apps.
Whether the app is paid or free, developers can make money by selling advertising space inside their apps or offer “in-app purchases” of add-ons. Ones an app gets approval from Apple, it is available to the World Wide Market, here is the chance for developers to present it to every iPhone/iPod/iPad user by translating their app to local languages and giving them more exposure on country classified app stores.
Money making method depends on the app, the audience and the competition. It purely depends on the developers to decide the path of his potential success which ranges from modest personal income to profits for fully staffed businesses.
For instance, “Dash and Ditto” a preschoolers app where children learn basic skills followed some ethics. In order to avoid distraction and confusion for young children, developers eschewed advertisements in the app. Instead they choose to offer the app free for one week and charge $2.99 to parents who want to keep the app for their children. Providing an app free for a short period of time and charging the users who are interested to use it in long run has been a successful strategy. This gives user a chance to experience the potential and usefulness of the app at the same time makes users get used to the app.  Even-though the developer of the iPhone app Dash and ditto is earning comparatively less but he has gained popularity and some targeted users who would be willing to pay for such products and add-ons in future too.
Jungle Time- a school children’s app, teaches children to spell time in different languages, especially in Dutch and English. Andrew Short, the developer of this app has paid roughly $100 per language to localize his apps for foreign markets. By localizing, the app developer managed to double his revenue. In near future, the iPhone app developer is also planning to translate his app to few Asian languages.
“In app” sales
In app sales in another way of making big money. When an app is available for free, charging for scenarios, game play variations like play toys, new outfit, extra game points  etc., is another popular way of  generating revenue.
Randy Chung and David Tsai about a year ago, launched free game “High School Hero”. The game is all about, the chance to adopt a high-school persona with charm, smarts and strength to try to become popular and play games with others online. In order to earn extra revenue, developers added an option to buy accessories which included muscle belt or new outfit and extra game points used to win battles against other players. The iPhone Developer estimated that 10 to 15 percent users were enthusiastic and interested to buy “in app” purchases and that has been a huge profit for their small company.
Charges to avoid
Most important source of income for the iPhone developers is off course, the app. But to get extra revenue from the app,iPhone application developers are very much particular about ways to avoid the stream of income.
“Dash and Ditto” game developers avoided advertising in their app which could distract the children but to get revenue out of the app they implemented try and buy full version concept.
“Jungle Time” developer is gaining extra income just by translating and localizing his app for different regions.
“t Chess” is a top-50 board game in the App Store, this game developer is avoiding “in-app” purchases but keeps on advertising which gains him extra revenue.
App-building resources
Apple website offers extensive resources for the programmers who want to create apps. “Advanced iOS 4 Programming,” by Maher Ali can also be used to solve issues along the way.
Even app developers can use forums to get their questions answered but online forums are mostly user based and answers are not tested and moderated on their validity. This could lead to insufficient and/or incorrect information at times. Andrew Short also adds whichever revenue route iPhone app developers take, they’ll have to keep in mind that customers are used to paying little or nothing for apps, so they should “squeeze out the revenue opportunities” wherever they can.