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iReply: Never Forget To Respond To A Text Message Again

It’s happened to everyone, you’ve received a text message and quickly read it but for any number of reasons decided you would respond to it later but then realize two days later that the message is still sitting unanswered in the Messages app on your iPhone.

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Apple does a good enough job of alerting you to any unread text messages, but once read, you won’t get any more alerts about that text message. A new tweak to hit the Cydia store, iReply, aims to enhance that iOS SMS alert function by also reminding you of any text messages that you haven’t replied to and avoiding that awkward moment when your friend or boss asks why you ignored their text message. Jump the break for a short review of the app.
When you don’t reply to a text message iReply will alert you an hour later that you haven’t replied to that person. The notification box will give you the options of either dismissing the reminder (it will remind you again later) or forgetting the reminder and it wont alert you about not replying to that message again.
You may be asking “but that would mean I have to reply to every text message to make sure I don’t receive these alerts” and you would be right if it weren’t for iReply’s extensive options that let you fine tune what messages deserve a reply. Perhaps the most important of these is the minimal character limit, which makes sure no “thx” messages are deemed to require a response.
The others are the inclusion of a Blacklist and a Whitelist, which allows you to either block those annoying messages from a particular “friend”, or alternatively require replies to only your work colleague’s messages. A final control given to you by the tweak is the delay before the reminder is sent which is set in hours.
iReply by Florian Denis is available on the Cydia Store through the BigBoss Repository for $1.49.