iTunes 10.1 offers Ping disabling

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Writer Kirk McElhearn noticed that the latest update to iTunes has added the option to disable the built-in social network Ping and remove it from the iTunes sidebar. A checkbox to show or not show Ping appears in both the General preferences and the Parental Controls. The service, while boasting over a million members, has struggled to find genuine enthusiasm, though a recent incorporation of Twitter accounts and easier music sharing may boost its fortunes.

Though the number of artists who have Ping accounts is growing, the service has always been hindered by the failure of Apple and Facebook to come to an integration agreement similar to what has now been done with Twitter accounts. Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently met for talks on the subject, but no visible change has yet resulted as yet.

Apple will be making an iTunes announcement tomorrow, which is widely said to involve bringing the Beatles to iTunes along with the possibility of other updates.