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Klingg Cord Clip Catches Chaotic Cables

Klingg Cord Clip Catches Chaotic Cables

Klingg! That’s the sound of a grown man still unable to sever the maternal ties forged early in his life by a smothering mother. Just kidding. It is in fact the sound of my artisanal iPhone ringtones, recorded from the prayer bells of real Tibetan monks. Kidding again! Klingg is actually an iPhone accessory designed by the fictional Star Trek race… [Enough! -Ed].

Klingg is — truly this time — an earbud holder that clamps onto your clothes using magnets.

It comes in two pieces, one for inside your clothes and one out. They’re held together by the mysterious sci-fi forces of magnetism, which scientists still attribute to the universal power of Thor’s big old hammer. The front section is shaped to let the cord pass through while it holds the earbuds in place on its sides.

This means that you can just pull the buds from your ears and they will stay ready to hand, clipped to your shirt, and when you’re using them, cord bounce should be eliminated, stopping that annoying bumping while you run or do other sports.

You can pick from a range of colorways seemingly inspired by the hideous color schemes which adorn sneakers and sportswear in general, as well as a fairly tasteful black and white option. The price? $20. Or you could just run the cable inside your t-shirt and out through the neck-hole like I do. Or would do, if anyone could convince me that sports were anything other than an evil trick played on mankind by the mysterious forces of Valhalla.