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Leaked Dock Connector Implies Thinner, Lighter iPhone 5

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Is this the Dock Connector for the iPhone 5 with its viscera hanging loose? Taiwanese site Apple.pro certainly thinks so, and as the guys who first posted pictures of the touchscreen to the new iPod Nano, they’ve got a decent history of getting their hands on parts of unannounced Apple products. So maybe!

The new Dock Connector is slightly narrower than the part found in the current iPhone, and is part number 821-1300-02, compared to 821-1281-A for the Verizon iPhone. It certainly looks legit, even if it doesn’t tell us much except that the next iPhone will be a smidge thinner.

On the other hand,Apple.pro says that the larger iPhone 5 front panel we saw earlier today is a phony, and they stick by their previous prediction that the iPhone 5 would feature a slide-out keyboard, which is so patently crazy that I’ll just finish this post on up with a snort.