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Leaked Photos of the Verizon iPhone?

A site called Richy Rich has posted photos claiming to be of the Verizon iPhone codenamed N92.

Today, I’m happy to report a follow up to that post with live shots of an “N92DVT” device, which was reported to be the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 back in August by John Gruber. To my knowledge, these shots originated from a repair shop in Vietnam, and according to the “DVT” (Design Verification Test) label, it is in final testing stages before production.

I was told that the side of the device does in fact have a micro-sim slot, like the current GSM-only variant; although the device is no longer in my sources possession, therefore I wasn’t able to obtain photos for proof.

The phone is said to be running a test operating system similar to the “inferno” os found on the previously leaked iPhone 4.

These photos have yet to be verified by another source.