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Limelight: A Beautiful New iPhone App For Keeping Track Of Movies

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Limelight is a new iPhone app for collecting movies and sharing them with friends. Released earlier this week by indie dev studio 9:42 AM, Limelight is pitched as a ”new way to browse and organize your movie library.”

Inspired by Delicious Library on the Mac, Limelight borrows from similar digital bookshelf apps and adds a unique social element.

I’ve been a proponent of an app called TodoMovies for quite some time because I simply can’t keep track of all the movies I want to see. Limelight takes TodoMovies a step farther by separating movies into “To Watch” and “Watched” lists. Sharing is also a crux of the experience; you are encouraged to follow other users within the app and share your library with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

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The app is exquisitely designed, and navigating through the various windows feels fluid. Movies are displayed as poster thumbnails, which can make it occasionally tricky to find a specific movie when the poster isn’t easily recognizable. Trailers are available for each movie along with cast and crew info.

Limelight isn’t going to be for everyone, but it’s a well designed app that should appeal to certain movie lovers. Get it now in the App Store for $2.