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Lion: Preview 5.5 Has Magnifier, Captures Signature with Camera

Another app that’s getting a small facelift and a couple of new features in the developer beta of Lion is Preview, the lightweight image editor / PDF reader Apple bundles in the default installation of OS X.
Along with tweaked and redesigned buttons and UI (something we’ve seen is happening all across Lion), Apple has created an interesting new functionality that allows you to bring up a “magnifier” to take a closer look at some parts of your images without having to zoom the entire file. Accessible from the Tools menu, the magnifier can even be resized with a two-finger pinch gesture and, when expanded, can go fill up a huge portion of your screen. I wish this magnifier tool was implemented in more apps though — I think it’d be useful in Safari, for example.
Another new feature, as noted by 9to5mac, is the possibility to create signatures in Preview starting from an image captured from the Mac’s iSight (or FaceTime HD) camera. The feature seems interesting and will sure come in handy for those who do a lot of PDF editing that requires signatures placed on a document, too bad I can’t set up my signature on my Mac as, apparently, an iSight camera can’t be found (but I have one).
This signature feature sounds nice anyway, and I think it’ll be perfect to have an option to create one inside System Preferences and use it at a system-wide level when necessary (say in documents from Pages, Preview, Office). What do you think?