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Mailplane Adds Evernote Integration

Users of Mailplane, a desktop interface for Gmail’s online web application, will find a new feature in the latest 2.4 update, released yesterday, that adds complete integration with capturing tool Evernote, a staff favorite here at MacStories. As you may know, Evernote allows you to easily capture your ideas in the form of notes, images, PDF documents and all sorts of document archives; with a wide range of apps that go from a native Mac client to a recently revamped iPhone app and a new version coming out soon for Android Honeycomb tablets, Evernote is a ubiquitous system that helps you save, organize and archive all the important things in your life.
The new Mailplane 2.4 adds an Evernote-specific button in the top toolbar that enables you capture a conversation, archive it in Evernote and have the app automatically include a link to the email message you previously selected in Mailplane. As the new feature saves a full copy of the message as a new note, you’ll have the possibility to enter a title, tags, as well as edit text from the message. Furthermore, a new option in Mailplane’s download manager lets you quickly send attachments to Evernote without saving them in the OS X Finder first.
Mailplane 2.4 can be downloaded here.