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Make GIFs From Your iPhone With Giffer!

If you’re looking to create the next hit animated .gif for Internet laughs, Giffer! for the iPhone can chain photographs together to create those animated favorites. While you can’t take photographs from Giffer!, you can choose from several pics in your library to link together a series of images for quick animations which can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, or copied to the clipboard for easy pasting into MMS or an online message board. The animations are super easy to create: simply add photos from the library, adjust a few settings like frame delay and background color, give your .gif a name, and you’re off watching your creation in a mobile theater. It’s very cool, I love the button styles in the app, and you’ll find lots more to like once you’ve embarrassed a few friends on Facebook. Giffer! is only a $1.99 in the App Store.