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Make Windows 7 Look Just Like OS X Lion For Some Reason

If you want Lion on your Mac, you’ve either got to be a developer or, in the immortal words of Malcolm Reynolds, “aim to misbehave.” Even if you just want your Mac to look like it’s running Lion, you’re out of luck.
But are you the kind of person who sometimes stumbles across a pungent pile of offal in the streets outside of your local butcher’s shop, and instead of crinkling your nose and walking quickly past, stops to adorn it with an array of sparking gemstones, festive ribbons and pretty flowers? Do you also use a PC? You’re in luck.
As it turns out, it’s a counterintuitively easy process to make your Windows 7 install look like Apple’s still unreleased operating system. All you need to do is download the Lion Skin Pack and run the installer, no patching required.
[via Lifehacker]