Malaysia iPhone 5 Launch / Release Date?

iPhone 5 Malaysia Release Date and Price, iPhone 5 Launch in Malaysia

From the Mid Valley listing, we deduce that the iPhone 5 launch date in Malaysia will very likely be on… The iPhone 5 will be released and the priced at..

Twitter follower @kmhor87 points us to a listing on Mid Valley’s website indicating that Maxis will be organizing an “iPhone 5 promotion” from November 5 to November 11. Whether the listing is deliberate or accidental, we now have a possible answer for the question that many have been asking for a while now…

When will the iPhone 5 come to Malaysia?

From the Mid Valley listing, we deduce that the iPhone 5 launch date in Malaysia will very likely be on Friday, November 9 with pre-orders and ROIs starting early in the week. Corroborating this information are job listings for part-time iPhone 5 promoters here and here that cropped up online about a week ago. If this is true, you should be able to get official units of the iPhone 5 in Malaysia from 12:01am on November 9. If the date is correct, Celcom, DiGi and Maxis will start selling the iPhone simultaneously then.

So what can we expect from Maxis? We’re thinking a possible revamp of its iPhone plans to offer more value and additional data. Also expect a contract extension offer and maybe a special deal for One Club members. In terms of device pricing, we don’t expect the iPhone 5 to deviate much from the prices of the iPhone 4S when it was first released here – approximately RM2,200 for 16GB, RM2,600 for 32GB and RM2,900 for 64 GBAnd no, the LTE version of the iPhone 5 will not be available in Malaysia officially, please stop asking us.

Expect more iPhone 5 details including launch details and pricing from other operators to crop up as we move closer and closer to the big day.

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