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Man Punches Teenager For Refusing to Turn Off His iPhone Mid-Air

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We know flying is a tiring business, especially with all the new security precautions nowadays—but getting so worked up over a 15 year-old ignoring requests to turn off all electronic devices that you punch him? Not on, dude.

The 68 year-old man, Russell Miller, was irked that the 15 year-old didn’t comply to air stewardesses’ requests to turn off cellphones and other powered devices, so he punched him in the arm. When they landed at Boise airport, the police were ready and waiting to arrest Miller. Policeman Kent Lipple commented that “he punched him so hard there was a mark on the teen’s arm.”

Given that their flight originated from Las Vegas, perhaps Miller was making up for a lack of shenanigans in the city of sin.