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Miscellaneous OS X Lion Notes

Following the walkthroughs and posts we’ve published over the weekend, we have collected a series of minor notes and tidbits about the Lion developer preview. These aren’t worth a walkthrough or article of its own, but they’re interesting nonetheless.
– iSync app has been removed from Lion;
– OS X Lion has Emoji support;
Update: check out Emoji support here, screenshot below.
– You can play music from the album art screensaver;
– You can set a different wallpaper for each space, a feature previously available only with third-party apps like Hyperspaces;
– Sidebar icons can be enlarged from small to medium and large;
– New color picker popover in TextEdit;
– In the menubar, AirPort is now simply labelled “Wi-Fi”. The name change also occurs in System Preferences’ Network settings;
– When you right-click to “Show Package Contents”, the Finder won’t open a new window;
– New OS X Lion help section;
– If you’ve assigned three-finger swipes to Mission Control, you can still navigate back and forward in any app with four-finger swipes;
– Terminal has been improved as well: it’s got support for ANSI colors, background image, blurred transparency at different levels, blur for inactive and active windows.
– When Safari runs in full-screen mode, you can still adjust the size of a webpage by dragging it from the sides. It also persists across tabs;
– Support for more voices (including Italian) in Universal Access;
– Time Machine can now create Local Snapshots without the need of an external hard drive;
– You can disable reversed scrolling in the Trackpad’s preferences.
– Mail 5′s animation for expanding quotes.

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