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Mobile Phones May Be Disrupting Bee Colonies, Study Says

Colony Collapse
In recent years there has been a startling world-wide decline in the populations of bee colonies. Some colonies just flat out collapse and die in shockingly short amounts of time, and researchers have been left scratching their heads as to why. Many good theories have been postulated so far, but nobody truly knows why it’s happening. Now researchers are showing off their study which shows bees can be upset by cell phone signals.
Bees are tiny, fragile creatures but they’re also incredibly important for the global environment. Bees are responsible for pollination of many plants that allows them to grow and reproduce. It’s often been said that if bees went extinct, humans would follow very quickly (though it’s probably falsely attributed to Einstein.)
New research has given scientists a new promising lead in the search for an explanation. Cell phones placed underneath bee colonies in controlled settings produced reactions from the bees who were able to tell when calls were being made. When a call would go through, the bees would let out high pitched squeaks that are usually used when they’re about to swarm.
The research does not, repeat does not, say that cell phones are killing off bees or even that they’re deadly to bees. The explanation for bee colony collapse isn’t likely to be just one cause. Colony collapse has occurred in areas far from cell phone signals.
Other scientists hold that a new generation of pesticides has been messing with the bee’s nervous system in a slight but significant way that causes them to get lost (disrupting the colony.) There are also theories that place the blame on a parasite that has been infecting colonies at a staggering rate, as well as the disappearance of wild flowers and meadows.
The study is not conclusive, but it does give scientists an interesting new lead to pursue.