MobileMe mail service experiencing problems

I’ve been having problems getting MobileMe email all day today. So have lots of other people. The problems seem to be with both IMAP servers and on accessing email on the MobileMe member page. To be fair, some of us at TUAW haven’t had any problems with MobileMe today and Apple’s MobileMe status page also mentions that only some MobileMe subscribers are experiencing problems.
I actually love MobileMe. It’s a godsend how integrated it is into OS X and iOS. However, the service has had a history of spottiness ever since its launch in 2008 — something Steve Jobs has been keenly aware of and frustrated with. In last week’s Fortune “Inside Apple” article Steve Jobs was reported to have been very upset with the MobileMe team regarding the poor launch and negative media reception to the service.
Jobs reportedly assembled the entire MobileMe team to a Town Hall meeting and accused them of “tarnishing Apple’s reputation.” Then he told them that they “should [all] hate each other for having let each other down” before he named new MobileMe executives on the spot. But the best quote from the impromptu meeting came after Steve Jobs asked the MobileMe team, “Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?” After the team answered him, Jobs then asked, “So why the fuck doesn’t it do that?”