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Moment: Making it easier to post to Facebook

Facebook may be one of the world’s most popular social sharing services, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to figure out how to upload text and images, especially when you’re in the web app on your Mac browser. Tapmates is on the verge of releasing a new OS X app, Moment (US$7.99, $3.99 introductory pricing), which should arrive on the Mac App Store later this week and make posting to Facebook quick and simple.

Moment Making it easier to post to Facebook

I’ve had a chance to try a pre-release version of Moment and my only wish is that it was available on iOS as well. Once installed, the app hides in your menu bar until you need it. You’ll receive both a visual and audible notification when someone you follow on Facebook posts, and with a click you can see what has been posted at a glance. Want to see the full Facebook post? Just click on the shortcut and you’re there.

Moment Making it easier to post to Facebook

But the real power of Moment is in how simple it makes posting to Facebook. Let’s say that I’ve just spent a day being chased by polar bears on Spitsbergen and want to let my Facebook friends see photos. After saving my digital photos onto my MacBook Pro, I simply select the photos I want to share on Facebook, and drag them to the Moment icon. By typing in a short note and selecting the Facebook album that the photos are going to, I can then just click Post and it’s all done. If my friends make comments about the photo, they show up in the app.

What Moment is so successful with is taking all the work out of Facebook posting… and browsing. Hopefully the app will be available Thursday so you can enjoy it as well.