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More Lion Features: iOS-like Auto Correction and Accents, New Inline Definitions

Apple is really focusing on the ease of use of Lion with the developer preview as it brings more features seen in iOS (besides the Launchpad, Resume and Mail app) to the desktop. Some interesting details we’ve found in this first version of Lion include an iOS-like approach to auto correction and accented letters, better support for inline dictionary definitions in apps written specifically for Lion and Spotlight.
While writing in TextEdit or Twitter for Mac we noticed Lion detects wrong spelling and displays an iOS-like tiny popup with the suggested correction. You can select it with your mouse, or hit the space bar to accept it and keep typing. Again, like on iOS. A corrected word will be underlined in blue, and selecting it again and hitting Esc will open a contextual menu with more options other than the first recommended one. If you don’t want to use the auto correction provided by Lion, you can also right click on a word and change back to the one you typed.
On a similar note, if you need to type in accented letters but you don’t have a physical keyboard that supports them, you can press and hold down a vocal and choose from a popup your accented letter of choice. Clicking on the arrow icon will open a dedicated Characters window with a wider selection.
Last, the Dictionary has been greatly improved as well (version 2.2 runs on Lion) with support for Spotlight through the new QuickLook popover system and new inline definitions in any Lion-enabled app. The new inline definitions will open a in a translucent popup you can invoke with three-finger double click on any word.
Check out more screenshots below.