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Movea turns your iPod touch or iPhone into an Air Mouse for just $2

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Not so keen on plopping down a Benjamin for Movea’s Air Mouse? A full two years after the introduction of that very product, there’s now an acceptable, bargain-bin alternative: the Air Mouse. Er, the Air Mouse app for iPod touch / iPhone. This here nugget of code, which is selling for just $1.99 in the App Store, taps into your iDevice’s inbuilt gyroscopes as well as the company’s own MotionSense technology in order to convert your handheld into a mouse. No need to fish for a surface, though — simply wave your iPhone around in order to take advantage of in-air cursor control and gesture recognition. It’s a dream come true for HTPC owners (Macs and PCs are supported), though critics are suggesting that Mobile Mouse may actually be superior. If you’ve already parted ways with your buck-ninety-nine, let us know how things are panning out in comments below.