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Never bring an iPhone to a knife fight

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NEW LONDON, Conn. — An accused would-be restaurant robber had a change of heart Wednesday, after cooks at the establishment grabbed knives to defend themselves.

Police said Jerome Taylor, 20, wore a mask as he entered the Northern Indian restaurant on State Street Wednesday afternoon.

He pulled what the cooks thought was a gun and demanded money, according to police. But the cooks grabbed knives and said they weren’t handing anything over.

At that point, Taylor became apologetic and told the cooks he was only kidding and that he needed money for his child, police said.

Taylor was gone by the time police arrived, but they caught up with him a short time later. Officers said Taylor confessed to the crime, but told them he didn’t have a gun, but used an iPhone.

The restaurant staff said they felt bad for Taylor and didn’t want police to pursue charges, but officers arrested him anyway, charging him with attempted robbery and interfering with an officer.

Taylor told police a relative was looking after the child. Officers were checking up on his story to make sure the child wasn’t in danger.