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Never Lose Track Of Anything Again

Joshua Waller, an independent mobile application developer, has announced the release of Chrono Span for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This useful mobile countdown utility allows users to select specific days – either in the future or in the past – and keep a rolling count of how much time has either gone by since a day was selected or how many days are left until a selected day or event will come up. This app allows users to have numerous count-down clocks, each accurate down to the second, available at their fingertips to remind them how long they have to wait for friends birthdays, future holidays, vacations, or any other occasion they decide to input! Chrono Span is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for only $0.99.

While it allows users to set and customize their own personalized counters, the app also comes complete with a number of pre-set dates to ensure that it is a easy and hassle free to utilize as possible. Preset dates which can be utilized include major holidays, other nondenominational events, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly events as well. In all, the app includes over thirty individual presets for users to choose from. Furthermore, Chrono Span also includes a ‘day only’ mode which allows users to count down to – or up from – any specific date counting only the gross number of days separating the user from that event.

This app is perfect for general uses such as counting the days before a given day or event, holding a running count of how long they’ve been in a relationship, or simply for pure recreation such as keeping a count of how much time has gone by since the great pyramids were built. More utilitarian uses of the app can be achieved by utilizing its recurring counting ability to track upcoming bill payments, or tracking how much time is left in a given work day. As an added bonus, the app is strung together with a beautifully simple user interface and a variety of app theme options to suit a varied array of user tastes. With Chrono Span you won’t ever draw a blank when you think about how far away any event or day is again!

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