Apple TV Jailbreak News

New Apple TV Firmware Is Easily Jailbroken

False alarm, guys. Despite fears, the latest 4.2.2 firmware for the second-gen Apple TV is still just as jailbreakable as it ever was, despite an update to iOS 4.3.
Yesterday, Apple released a new update to the Apple TV, fixing some video and audio issues and bumping the firmware version to 4.2.2.
That low version number, though, belied an important fact: this is the first Apple TV update that upgraded the core operating system to the iOS 4.3 trunk. Many jailbreakers worried that this meant that the new Apple TV firmware would not be vulnerable to the old jailbreak techniques.
No worries, though. The new update, as it turns out, is still just as jailbreakable using i0n1c’s iOS 4.3.x exploit. If you want to jailbreak your new Apple TV, you can use the most current version of PwnageTool to do so.