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New downloads window coming to Safari in Lion

A few days ago it was discovered that Apple is building in a new feature to Safari called Reading List. The feature works like Instapaper and allows users to save web pages for later viewing. Now Italian Mac site has discovered another tweak set for Safari v. 5.1 in Lion — a revision of the downloads window.
As you can see in the image above, Safari now sports a downloads button next to the Google search field (this button’s location is presumably changeable, as are all Safari toolbar buttons). When you have an active download in progress, the button will show a blue progress bar, ala the progress bar found on app icons when you are downloading and installing them on an iOS device.
Clicking on the downloads button will bring up a new pop-up menu that displays all current and past downloads. This isn’t an earth shattering feature, but it will make it easier for novice users who aren’t familiar with calling up the downloads window to find it.