New iPod touch model to get upsized to 7 inch?!

Think about it, a larger iPod touch, or a smaller Apple iPad – which would rock your boat?
A new iOS device that is at the moment undergoing evaluation for a potential release during the second half of 2011, with a screen size between that of the current iPad and the iPhone.
An analyst was quoted as saying he was not sure whether it would be a ‘Super iPhone’ or an ‘iPad mini.’
With a 5 inch screen, a “big iPod touch” at its existing resolution would offer a 230ppi screen density; stretched across a 7 inch screen the same resolution would deliver 164ppi, still higher than the existing iPad’s pixel density of 132ppi.
Rather than trying to crush the full sized iPad’s resolution into a smaller screen, something Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs quipped last fall would require filing down users’ fingers, such a device could simply serve as an expansion of the iPod family, offering a larger view of the simpler iPod touch user interface.