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Nuu ships MiniKey for iPhone 4

Nuu MiniKey

Chinese accessory maker Nuu has released the MiniKey, a stylish case and Bluetooth keyboard combo for the iPhone 4. The case includes a landscape keyboard that makes the iPhone look, well, just like an HTC phone.
The keyboard slides out from the back side of the case and works with email, messaging and other text-based applications. Because the virtual keyboard does not launch, the MiniKey lets you write a novella using the entire screen of the iPhone 4. It also includes a few extra features like backlit keys, a command key that can be used for shortcuts and a toggle key that lets you switch between the MiniKey keyboard and the on-screen keyboard.
The Nuu keyboard is a bit pricey at US$79.99, especially when 4iThumbs sells an overlay keyboard for under $25, and ThinkGeek sells a flip keyboard case for $39. You can order the Nuu Mini Keyboard from Nuu’s online store or a variety of retailers in Europe, Hong Kong and the UK. The full list of online merchants can be found at Nuu’s website.