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One Week On, Still Long Lines For iPad 2 Outside Apple’s Stores

The line for iPad 2s outside the Waikiki Apple Store. The same lines appear every day, one week after the iPad 2s launch. Photo by Jayson Smith: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaysonsmith/5537484729/in/photostream/
One week after the launch of the iPad 2, there are still overnight lines for the device.
Friday morning, there were 71 people in line for possible iPad 2s at the Los Gatos Apple store, according to CultofMac.com columnist Mike Elgan.
Mike called neighboring stores, and was told there were similar lines at stores in Santa Clara and Palo Alto.
It’s the same story at Apple’s stores all around the country. Look at the photo of the Waikiki store above. “Still no iPad2!”  reports the photographer, Jayson Smith. At the 5th Avenue store in Manhattan, there’s a perpetual line of several hundred hopefuls.
Most are turned away disappointed. All these lines are for “possible” iPads. Although many stores have been getting fresh deliveries of iPad 2s every day, not all do. Still, standing in line seems quicker than ordering online. Shipping for online orders has been pushed back 4-5 weeks.
The Apple Store in Charlotte, NC, gave disappointed customers free Smart Covers when deliveries of iPad 2s failed to arrive, according to AppleBitch.
The store… told customers the previous day that an iPad 2 delivery was due for the following morning. However, when no iPads arrived, the customers in line, around fifty of them, were apparently offered a free Smart Cover by the Manager as an apology for the mis-information.
Some Apple stores have resorted to telling customers there are no stocks right off the bat. At one store in Los Angeles, this is how staff are answering the telephone:
“Hello. This is the Apple Store and no, we don’t have any iPad 2s available,” reports Twitter user SB ARTS TV.