Only 16% of users will retry a malfunctioning app

Study Only 16% of users will retry a malfunctioning app

Developers — first impressions are important when you are selling an app. According to a new study by Compuware that was reported by TechCrunch, you only have one chance, maybe two, to get a customer to become a regular user of your app. If glitches force a customer to try your app a third or fourth time, you risk losing 84 percent of your user base.

Compuware queried 3,534 respondents in the US, UK, France, Germany, India and Japan about their app habits. The results show that the majority (79 percent) of users will try an app again if it fails the first time. Only 16 percent will give it a third or fourth shot.

Over half the users had a problem with an app in the last six months and more often than not (62 percent) the app froze or displayed an error. Another big problem was slow load times, which in the respondent##Q##s estimation was any app that took over 2 seconds to launch.

You can read more about the study on TechCrunch##Q##s website.